$1 Million Dollar Big Mac Sweepstakes

Enter to win $1 Million Dollars from Door Dash! Plus you can get a 1 Cent Big Mac using Door Dash Delivery and $20 free to use if you are a new subscriber. Ends on 10/4!

Use coupon code: 1MBIGMAC

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You are automatically entered in the sweepstakes if you make a 1 cent Big Mac purchase.

To receive one (1) entry without making a purchase (each an alternative method of entry, or “AMOE”), send an email to entry@amoeentry.com and put only the date you are sending the email in numeric format (mm/dd/yy) in the subject line and your first/last name, city, state, ZIP and telephone number in the body of the email. Note: AMOE entries must be received by the Redemption Center (see Rule 5) https://www.doordashsweeps.com/doordash/mcdsweeps/rules during the Entry Period and on the same date noted in the subject line or they will be disqualified.