Expired: LaMorena Giveaway of $20K – 12/21

Enter the LaMorena Giveaway to Win a $500 gift card, free LaMorena food products, or a variety of kitchen essentials! 33 Winners each week with a variety of cash, food and kitchen essentials prizes.

LaMorena Giveaway

The LaMorena Giveaway is US Only, 18+. Sponsored by LaMorena   Winner(s) will be chosen at random and contacted via email at the end of the giveaway.  


  • $500 Gift Card (1 each week @ $500 value each)
  • Family Basket (5 each week @ $75 value each)
  • Thermometer and Mask Kit (15 each week @ $38 value each)
  • Casserole Keepers (10 each week @ $35 value each)
  • Spiritu Box (2 each week @ $34 value each)

Enter here!

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Good luck!