Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Enter the Giveaways?

Good question, that’s why you are here right? Each giveaway offer has an entry form in which you will be required to submit your name, address, birth date, and possibly phone number on occasion. Most of our giveaways are open to enter each day, so that means that you can come back everyday to the entry page and submit another entry.  Any giveaways that are not hosted by us, will have their own set of requirements and rules that will be shown on the entry page.

Do You Run Your Own Giveaways?

Yes, we do! Unlike many other sites that list giveaways, we actually host our own giveaways for you to win cool prizes and neat stuff usually on a monthly basis. We also host approximately 1-3 sponsor giveaways in which we run for others.

How Will I Be Contacted if I Win?

Typically you will be contacted via email by Us or via postal mail if you do not respond within 5 days to our email.

How Often Are New Giveaways Posted?

New giveaways are added usually on a monthly basis.

Are All Giveaways Legit?

You betchya!  We don’t link to or list random giveaways from sites and companies that are untrusted. We run our own giveaways and sponsor ones that are 100% legit and verified.

Are Your Giveaways Open to Anyone in the World?

Nope, sorry only for residents in the United States.  For right now anyway.

Will I Need to Ever Buy Anything When Entering Giveaways?

No absolutely not! There are many rules and regulations for giveaways and sweepstakes but Federal laws prohibit any company for making a purchase to enter a sweepstake or increase their chances of winning.

How Do I Unsubscribe From Emails?

Many times when you enter a sweepstake or giveaway, the company will ask you if they can send you promotional emails, their newsletter, or any other content. You will simply want to unsubscribe from each company that is sending you an email usually in the bottom of the email.

I Enter, But Never Win Anything

We hear this all the time from our users and the fact is that the odds are against you. Many times giveaways have thousands and if not many more entries and if there is only one prize, your odds are not in your favor to win. If you have casually just entered a couple of giveaways here and there, you shouldn’t expect to win.

There are some ways that you can increase your odds though as a matter of fact!

-Enter our giveaways on a daily basis. You can enter each and every single giveaway on our site a maximum of once per day, so make it a daily routine.

-Enter giveaways with multiple winners or prizes. Sometimes giveaways can have daily winners and one grand prize winner. So with multiple prizes available, you can better your chance of winning at least one of them.

-Enter giveaways that are not well known brands or short in duration. Everyone knows the Publisher Clearing House’s and other top brands so there are probably millions of entries and the duration is usually months or longer in time for the giveaway span. If you enter in smaller or not well known brands, the audience is typically smaller and ones that last less than a month will have a lot lower entries.