9 Tips & Advice – How to Win Sweepstakes & Instant Win Games Cheat Sheet

how to win sweepstakes

… you want to know some tricks on how to win sweepstakes right?

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Sweepstakes vs Instant Win, are they the same?
Yes there is a difference between Instant win games and sweepstakes. With an instant win the winner is notified immediately after entering the contest; whereas, Sweepstakes collect entries during a defined period and announce the winner on a predetermined date.

9 Tips & Advice - How to Win Sweepstakes & Instant Win Games Cheat Sheet

Can I enter multiple times or just once?
You really need to read the rules of the particular offer as this varies by giveaway. If you find a giveaway where you can enter daily – do it! Persistence pays off!

Can you tell me, is early morning best to enter these sweepstakes or giveaways?
Logically, this could be the case as fewer people would be entering. Instant win games typically have a specific winning time and criteria so if you find a time where fewer people are playing you have a higher chance of winning – typically early morning or late at night. Don’t get caught in the weeds on this one. The best approach is to enter as many as you can find – increase your chances and don’t obsess on one particular one. Remember this is for fun!

how to win sweepstakes

Tips & Advice on How to Win Sweepstakes and Instant Win Games

  • Stay organized – make an excel spreadsheet on all the contests you enter with key information like time of entry / closing date / actual prize. This helps you remember what you have entered and key points like if the giveaway is a daily entry and whatever else seems relevant.
  • Enter instant win games at off-peak times will give you the best chance at winning. As you continue to do more sweepstakes and hopefully win some, look back at the spreadsheet you made and take note of times you entered – maybe you cracked the code!
  • For giveaways and instant win games where you can enter daily – always enter daily. For instant win games that allow multiple entries daily, space your entries out to increase your chance of winning. Again organization is key – but remember this is for fun.
  • Make sure you review all the official rules – you don’t want to be wasting your time entering when you aren’t even eligible to play.
  • Auto-fill your information in your browser to speed up entering time. Do some google or bing searching to find out how to do this in your browser – honestly this is a great time saver.
  • Have fun! Giveaways and instant wins are a side hustle and should never take over your life or become your day job.
  • If you get stumped on a giveaway or sweepstakes where they require proof of purchase, read carefully as often you can enter by mail without making a purchase.
  • Make sure you check your e-mail for prize notifications – you don’t want to miss those!
  • Typically the game portion of instant win are just for fun – skip if you can and enter without wasting time.

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