Submit Your Giveaway Right 2020

Looking to submit your giveaway? Giveaway Gorilla works with reputable companies looking to acquire more entries and leads along with users engaging with your brand. So, how do you submit a giveaway?

We only work with 1-3 companies per month to ensure that our subscribers only see quality giveaways so yours doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Our subscribers are highly engaged in our giveaways so you will receive high quality entries and leads.

To submit your giveaway – please note the following:

1. Your giveaway will be hosted on our site clearly listing all the rules, prizes, starting / ending times, etc.
2. Send all the complete details including any images, URL’s, etc.
3. If your giveaway meets our guidelines, we will follow up with you the time it will be published.

The cost to submit your giveaway is only $30 and we have a large audience established looking for freebies and to participate in giveaways.

Send your details to [email protected] and mark as high importance.

Submit Your Giveaway Right 2020

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Good luck!

Submit Your Giveaway Right 2020

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